Interesting recipes by Mrs.Akila Satish

Boiled potatoes - 4nos 
chaat masala - 1tbsp
lemon - 1
roasted cumin powder - 1tsp
chilli powder - 1/4tsp
amchoor powder1/4tsp
kala namak - 1/2tsp
pepper corns -1/2tsp crushed
hari chutney - 2-3tbsp
few tooth picks
Hari chutney
Grind poodina, coriander, green chillies, garlic, onion, lemon juice, sugar, salt, black salt with water to get a thin smooth chutney.
Peel and cut boiled potatoes into piects. shallow fry the potato piectes in a frying pan, till golden brown in colour. sprinkle all the masalas on the hot potatoes and toss well and add hari chutney and toss, serve with tooth picks.
grate corn and pressure cook it and whole corn kernels with 10cups water and 11/2tbsp sugar to give 2 whistles.
chopped carrot - 1/4cup
chopped cabbage - 1/4cup
chopped spring onion  - 1
chopped beans - 2-3
green chilli sauce - 2tbsp
red chilli sauce - 1tbsp
vinegar - 1tbsp
pepper - 1/4tsp
salt to taste
ajinomoto a pinch
5tbsp cornflour dissolved in 3/4 cup water
In that cooked corn add chilli sauces and vinegar. meanwhile heat 1tbsp oin add the vegetables. saute for one minute. add the sauteed vegetables to the simmering soup. add salt, pepper and ajinomoto to the soup, add the cornflour paste and cook for 2-3 min till the soup thickens and serve hot.
spinach - 2bundles
paneer- 300gm
onion - 2
ginger paste - 1tbsp
garlic - 8flakes
green chilli - 3
pepper powder - 1tsp
cloves -6
cumin - 1/2tsp
milk - 1/2cup
cream - 1/4cup
oil - 3tbsp
baking soda - a big pinch
salt to taste
clean, wash, chop and cook spinach with 1/2 a cup of water and a pinch of baking soda for about 10min. rinse and sueeze the extra water. puree the spinach with milk. chop onions, green chillies and garlic very fine. cut paneer in to 1/2inch cubes. heat oil, fry cloves and remove. cool and pound to a fine powder. in the same oil, crackle cumin and add the chopped onion, garlic and chillies. fry till pinkish in colour. add spinach puree, pepper powder and salt. stir. put the paneer pieces in spinach and cook for ten min on medium fire or till the water evaporates. add the cream and pounded clove powder, cook fro 2min and remove from fire. save one tsp of cream for garnishing.
paneer - 3 cups cut into cubes
coriander seeds - 1tsp dry roasted and crushed
ginger-garlic paste - 1tsp
chopped tomatoes - 11/2cups
chilli powder - 1tsp
cream - 1/4cup
kasuri methi(dried fenugreek leaves) - 1tsp
cardamom powder - 1/4tsp
garam masala - 1/4tsp
butter - 2tbsp
salt to taste
chopped coriander for garnishing,
Deep fry paneer cubes till they are golden brown. brain on absorbent paper and then put them in warm water for 15min. dranin again and keep aside. heat the butter in a kadhai, add the coriander and saute for half a minute. add the ginger-garlic paste and saute for another minute. add the tomatoes and saute till the oil separates from the gravy. add the chilli powder, cream and dried fenugreek leaves and salt and simmer for somtime. add the paneer, cardamom and garam masala and heat for a few more minutes and serve hot garnish with chopped coriander.
5cups full cream milk
1tbsp cornflour
1tsp gelatine
3/4cup sugar
2tsp vanilla essence
250gms cream - chilled
3 level tbsp powdered sugar
Mix cornflour in a little milk and keep aside. boil rest of the milk in a heavy bottomed pan. after the first boil, keep on medium fire fro 25min, add sugar, add cornflour paste, stirring continuously. keep boinling for 4-5min, stirring continuously, till it becomes a very thin custard and coats the spoon. remove from fire. soak gelatine in 2tbsp water, heat on slow fire stirring continuously to dissolve it. add the gelatine solution stirring continuously, to the custar. freeze custard for 3-4 hours, turning the fridge to its coldest, till set. check after 3-4hours, if the custard is frozen and is ready to be beaten. if it becomes hare and frozen, proceed further. beat chilled cream with powdered sugar till slightly thick and fluffy, keep in the fridge. cut the frozen custard into small cubes in a big pan. beat till fluffy and smooth. beat in a cool place to avoid melting. mix the beaten cream, beaten custard, and essence and freeze till it firm.
potatoes(small) or big cut into pieces - 1/2kg
oil for deep frying
green cardamom - 2
curd - 3-4tsp
kashmiri red chilli powder - 1tsp
garam masala powder - 2 1/2tsp
dry ginger(saunth) - 2tsp
       cut the potatoes into half and deep fry them. once done prick the potatoes with a toothpick and keep aside. put all the dry powders in a bowl. add enough water to make a paste. heat oil in a pan and roast the cardamaom. pour in the paste and stir for about four to five min. add potatoes and mix well. then stir in the curd and salt to taste. cover and cook for 5min.
whole wheat flour(Atta) - 1 1/2cup
refined flour (Maida) - 1/2 cup
salt to taste
milk - 3tbsp
sugar - 1tbsp
ghee - 6tbsp
     Sift atta, maida and salt into a mixing bowl. Rub in one tbsp of ghee with urfingertips. warm milk in a pan and dissolve sugar in it. Add this mixture to the sifted flours and mix thoroughly. Add enough water and knead lightly to make a soft dough. divide into four portions and shape into balls. Roll out each ball into a thin 6-7 inch round roti. Brush the entire surface of each roti with one tbsp of melted ghee and dust with flour. pleat the roti to make a number of folds.  Roll up into a spiral. press between ur palms and set aside for 5min.  Roll out lightly into 6-inch paranthas.  Heat a tawa cook each paranthas on both sides on moderate heat spread ghee, till golden brown.  Lightly crush with hands to separate the layer.
Milk - 3 cups
Sugar - 3tbsp
Subza seed soaked in warm water for 4 hours - 1 tsp
Rose syrup - 2 tbsp
Vanilla ice cream - 4 scoops
cashew chopped - 10-12
     Heat milk with sugar and bring to boil.  Set aside to cool.  Place ti in fridge.  Add soaked subza to the milk, stir and chill it in the fridge.  Pour 1/2 tbsp of rose syrup into 4 wide-mouthed falooda glasses.  Pour milk into each glass, top with 2-3 tbsp of falooda, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and sprinkling of chopped cashewnuts.  Serve at once.

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