As a Software Engineer, the author often gets fascinated by the two subjects: Time and Money. Which one is bigger? Is it the Time or the Money? A man during his early days trades his time for money; he works as an employee, spends eight hours per day for the company and gets some money as a monthly salary. Later when he grows older he trades his money for more time; he pays the doctor to maintain his health and to assure that he can live for some more years on this earth. Which one is bigger then? Is it the Time or the Money? Or is it that the ‘Age’ should be included as a deciding factor while answering this question? Some people say that ‘Time is Money’; they tend to dedicate all their time towards earning money. Is it that the time has no other importance attached to it? Whatever it may be, but the fact is that a man needs both time and money to enjoy the life. Then is there any method he can follow to utilize both of them to the fullest? Can this ‘Chase for Time & Money’ be optimized? While we search for the answer, the author came up with this story a story that is attempted both as an entertainment and an answer to the search in our present scenario of ‘Internet Age’ and ‘IT revolution’.