Entertainment in Bangalore

Possible ways for Entertainment in Bangalore

Bangalore is well known for its huge floating population and IT people form the majority of it. What do they do for their entertainment? Well, generally there is a mindset among the public that IT professionals choose to hang out in any malls, multiplexes, pubs or discotheques for their entertainment over the weekend. This article creates awareness about quite other ways of getting oneself entertained. First of all, let us cover the places of interest for an independent working youth in the city. Since the olden days, MG road has been the no.1 hangout place followed by Marthehalli Bridge at the crossing between Airport road and Outer ring road. MG road is the place where people can find many pubs and discotheques. We have also the BTM layout which has many cafes, bars and restaurants and playgrounds. There are three main multiplexes in the city; the first one is PVR Cinemas or FORUM as it is popularly known is located near Madiwala, Koramangla 7th Block, and the next one is Garudamaal or INOX theatres located near the MG road. We have also another small multiplex called ‘Innovative’ located near the Marthehalli Bridge in the outer ring road. These multiplexes play movies of all south Indian regional movies Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada plus the movies of Bollywood and also Hollywood.

Not all the new comers to Bangalore know the fact that there is also a possibility to have cultural entertainment in the city. While saying “Cultural Entertainment” here we are talking about “Yakshagana”, a traditional folk art in Karnataka. Yakshagana is a dance performed by a group of men artists. They are accompanied by a couple of drummers, a vocalist, and a flutist or some other wind instrumentalist. The story or some part of the Great Indian Epics Ramayana or Mahabharata is usually taken as the theme for the play. A narrator of the story is also present among the troop who uses pure Kannada accent for narration. The carnatic music will be soothing the mind and the expressions of the dancers are a treat to watch. One can find various schedules of Yakshagana in the local newspapers happening mainly in the interior of the city like Malleswaram, Yashwantpur, etc. Attending to these kinds of plays will enable oneself to know about the state’s culture and language along with having entertainment.

Some people may be interested in fine arts. Bangalore can entertain them too. They can find many art exhibitions conducted regularly in Chitra Kala Parishath or in star hotels like Leela Palace in HAL Airport road.

For some learning their favorite musical instruments gives quite a break from their monotonous job. For them having found a suitable teacher near to their locality is always a gift indeed on the account of the travel time and traffic issues. The current trend is that the teacher and the students gather in a common place for knowledge sharing. They are intermediated by a management group of 3 to 4 people who take care of finding the teachers, advertising, enrolling the students, collecting the fees and distributing them to the teachers after taking a certain amount as commission. The advertisement is mainly through the word of mouth. The management team chooses the kinder garden schools located in the area as the place of teaching and hence the student can find its existence by merely enquiring in the schools in his / her area. Though the fees collected for learning music is costlier as close to Rs.1000 per month, this amount comes well within the monthly expense budget of an IT employee owing to his desire to learn the instrument. The fees quoted here is for learning the carnatic music as the teachers for teaching carnatic music are found rare as compared to the guitar and keyboard teachers in the city. The classes are usually held in the weekends for the people who are working in full time job. Of course, learning music gives a feel of peace of mind and satisfaction for the IT employees who have a hard day of work during the weekdays. By playing music a person entertains not only himself but also his neighbors.