The Job of an Indian Housewife

The job of an Indian housewife - Saptha

She doesn't know only one thing in her life... that she knows everything. The country where she lives is well known for its rich and ancient cultural background. She was a very talented girl during her school days. She was a good dancer too. She won many prizes during her college days. Now she is married to a guy in another state. As per the unwritten law of the country, after the marriage, only the bride should move to the place where bride groom lives. As she belonged to an orthodox community, she obeyed those tough laws. She didn't refuse to that. She had a broader mind to accept the change. She has to learn a new language to live in that new state, to mingle with the local people. It will take time for her to get used to the new environment. Her mind was filled with excitement. She even accepted gracefully, the order from her husband, that not to dance in stages anymore.

She had a dynamic mind to understand other's feelings and to give up her passion just for the sake of protecting the culture of her motherland. She obeyed her mother-in-law and worked to her satisfaction. She welcomed her husband with a gentle refreshing smile whenever he comes from the office. She did and does everything to portray herself as a true woman of her motherland, which is familiar for its eastern culture.

This way, a talented girl, who is beautiful, a flexible lady with forgiving tendency, a care taker, a lover, a broad-minded or dynamic Indian woman stands stupefied when her husband says "Just shut-up, You know nothing" for deciding over a not so worthy, materialistic issue.