"I have read your book "the wake-up call". Loved your book :) I am a fresher working in IT industry. I too loved the days in my home, few memories makes me smile, endeavour and pass the day. Always want to go back in time and do things which i like. I'm not 'pandu' type of a guy But 'Rock' kind of guy. After reading the book I know where i am and big path to my destination."



"Engaging, readable and interesting" is how I would describe "The wake up call" by Saptharishi Suresh. It is a good book considering, that this is the author's first novel. The content is not heavy and is presented in a breezy manner. I would like to believe that the author has drawn upon a lot of incidents from his own life!! The life of a typical software techie fresher has been presented as realistically as possible. The criticism of the reservation system has been presented in a manner that wouldn't hurt anyone. The satirical takes on the grey aspects of IT life are also realistic. The characters that we come across in this book are the ones that we can find in everyday life. The narration is interesting and the story reaches a good conclusion. The price is reasonable and this is a book that is suitable for reading on a train journey !! I wish the author all the very best and look forward to many more interesting novels from his pen / MS-word !!

- Nachikethas, Bangalore

"Short and Sweet !" - Aravind Kamath, Mangalore

"The concept is good & has been explained in a simple manner.The fact that youngsters should take risks at an early age has been brought out very well.The last two pages are excellent.The idea of BC converting to FC is a real punch in the face for proreservationists.

There are instances for improvement but overall its a good effort. Best wishes for your next novel"

- Ramachandran, Chennai

"Good work. The novel is entertaining !! " - Jayaraman Balasubramanian, Chennai

"Its cool i got to read the summary from my friend.." - Parveen Muzaffar, San Francisco

"I have gone through the novel and firmly believe it's supporting the right cause by echoing the work culture prevalent in numerous large IT MNCs..apart from this content could have been more deatiled to increase its appeal to the masses.. it's not an expert view so i wud suggest intersted ones to go through the content urself..but i truely commend the efforts of the author who presented a true insight about what's going inside.."

- G.C. Gaurav Rathore, Kolkata

"Great work!. Cool characters" - Padmavathy Balasubramanian, Chennai