Green Tea Benefits

Only recently I took to the habit of having green tea atleast once in a day. I felt happier after adopting to green tea. This good feeling made me to spread the good facts about Green tea worldwide. About 8 months back when I went to a Trichologist, she advised me to have green tea regularly as it helps in strengthening the hair and its roots. Initially I wondered "Is there a tea like that? How does it look, Greeny? Or does she meant the normal tea without milk. Where is the Green tea available?" Ofcourse Green tea should be taken without any milk; it varies a lot both in the quality and its cost from the normal tea which we have it regularly. It holds a high medicinal value and I have listed below the various good things that a Green tea does to our body.

    • Green tea inhibits tumor cells and prevents Cancer

    • Green tea helps to enhance the insulin activity and protects from Diabetes

    • Green tea plays a role in reducing the negative effects of bad cholesterol and protects our Heart

    • Green tea protects the bone joints and prevents Arthritis

    • Green tea increases the metabolic rate and helps for weight loss

    • Green tea delays aging and one will look younger for a long time

    • Green tea prevents tooth decay and fights cavity by killing the oral bacteria

All these qualities lead the Green tea to be priced slightly higher than the normal brown colored tea. It is available in various flavours. viz. lemon, ginger, herbal, etc., You may feel that it will taste bad. No, it is not. You will be proved false after tasting that two or three times.