The Secret - Book review

The Secret - Rhonda Byrne"The Universe is like the genie from the Alladin's lamp which fulfills all our wishes."

"Do you wish to own an independent house or a majestic villa but wondering how ? Do you wish to become a crorepathi and want to know how? Just ask this Universe with deep faith and warm gratitude. It will turn events and people to make your dreams come true" says the author. This book is a collection of words of wisdom from people around the world who are in higher positions in their respective area of work.

This is worth a read for those who believe in the Universal Law of Attraction. To add to the Proof of Concept, it also carries the quotes of many legends of history like Lord Buddha, Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, etc.

Running through approximately 200 pages, the book guarantees to change the attitude of the readers at least to some extent. A good book. The story is also available in DVD video format.