Search for second Earth

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A Database Administrator is the one who responsible for creation, maintenance, protection and destruction of a database. He is similar to a God who does the same activities on the Universe.

Search for the second earth

The Oracle users may find this post interesting, in the sense, I tried in relating the Human life with the life of Oracle datafiles. If you are not familiar with the Oracle database then this post will get you the glimpse of its architecture and process.

Imagine a stranger is working for the following project in a reputed organization named “The Universe”

Project name : The Solar system

Project duration : some billion years

DBA : The God

Database : The Earth

Yes, Earth is the database on which the God is working. Let me describe about the database. This database created by God is mainly a development database. Why we can’t call it as a production database? Well, the answer goes like this…

The database earth has many physical locations named as countries and these countries are its datafiles. Water, land, air and fire are the main background processes. Humans are living in these countries as datablocks. The humans have their brain or knowledge as their data which keeps on growing for days similar to the datafiles. Finally, the human soul is the program run to process with the available data.

In a development/test instance the data is not given importance and the older/unused data may be deleted from the database to address the space issues. The humans die of old-age i.e., older people are removed from the earth to provide space for the new ones. So earth is only a development database.

You can ask which is the production database, then. Without any doubt I point to the Sun as the production database. In a project the dba creates and maintains many instances like test, development, etc., for working towards the production golive. Moreover only the production database will be given firewall protection.

We see that the Sun has all these traits. All other planets are revolving around it and it has an intense firewall for protection of its data. All other planets in the solar system are like free volumes reserved for future use by the God.

Like this there are many projects going on in the Milky way galaxy.

If we imagine in this way, then we could find answers for some of the nature’s puzzles. The converse also works i.e., we can fix the issues in a database by following the nature’s concept.

A production database should necessarily have another copy of it stored somewhere in the server. So I can say that the sun contains humans of higher version may be with more than just six senses and they are again kept duplicated somewhere in the universe. Again only the god is maintaining the Sun database but there the data are not deleted but given immortality. Moreover he has concealed these super humans in the sun with a huge fire wall around it.

A program is uploaded to the production database from any development database if it proved to be successful. Similarly if a human soul is successful here in earth, then he is promoted to the sun with immortality.

The scientists say that after the age of earth (another 5 billion years) it will be pulled back into the sun again.

So at the end of this project, when the God is satisfied with the development of the earth database he migrates everything from it to the production server, Sun.