Everything vs Nothing


Read this ING story and enjoy(confuse) yourself !

Author: Mrs.Krithika Saptharishi

Once there lived a pair named 'Something'(hero) and 'Everything'(heroine) . They were leading a pleasing life by enjoying each of their day, singing and dancing . Something was loving Everything like anything and so was Everything .

They were living a dazzling life until 'Nothing'(villian) entered - Nothing being the sibling of Something . Nothing had a liking towards Everything but Everything was not yielding to Nothing . Nothing was becoming so particular in seeking the attention of Everything which was turning out to be challenging .

But Everything was not falling into any of the traps that Nothing was plotting for her . Nothing was becoming frustrated and was fuming with anger . He was planning to sting Something with a scorpion . But finding a scorpion was becoming a tiring job . So Nothing was thinking to bring Something's life to an end by stabbing him while he was sleeping.

Early next morning , Nothing went dashing into Something's room anticipating him to be sleeping . But Everything was standing before him ,holding a dagger. She was expecting Nothing to indulge in such cunning acts in order to attain her . Before Nothing coould do anything , she stabbed him and it marked the ending of Nothing !!!

After that incident , Something and Everything led a charming life ever ....

------ THE END -----