The Bhaji Story

The Bhaji Story - Saptha (Original story was written in Tamil when I was 10 years old)

It was raining outside in the evening. Then I just came inside the house and entered the kitchen. I saw Mom was preparing Bhaji. The Onion Bhaji seemed to be hot and delicious.

"Ayya, Jolly" I said. My mouth watered when I saw them.

Mom said "Ah, vaada Kanna... Here you are, have these bhajis, okay?" kindly she smiled at me while handing over a plate of two bhajis. It was so hot that I had to blew the air on it to reduce its temperature. Then I sat there in the kitchen and ate them completely; I liked them very much.

Mom said "Have it" and gave me two more Bhajis.

"Hmm..." They were tastier. After finishing them I ran outside to watch the rain.

After some time, when I returned back to the kitchen again I could see Mom was putting all the prepared Bhajis into a vessel and closing it with a lid. She said "Look Kanna, we have had enough Bhajis. Now these remaining Bhajis are there for our Dad, okay?... Once Dad returns home tomorrow morning he needs to have them, okay?"

I said "Okay" and left the kitchen.

That night, when Mom and I were sleeping in the hall, I suddenly woke up. I was hungry at that time and thought that I could eat some Bhajis without the Mom's knowledge.Slowly I sneaked into the kitchen, then without turning on the lights, I took that Bhaji vessel and opened its lid; then I finished eating all the Bhajis present in the vessel. Then I closed the lid and came to the hall and slept peacefully.

The next day, when I opened my eyes, I saw my father coming inside the house. He said "Ah, Whats there to eat now?"

I covered my face with the blanket and acted like still sleeping.

Mom replied "Vaango, Vaango, last evening I prepared Bhajis, Let me grab them for you." She went inside the kitchen and suddenly screamed from there, "Oh my God! the Bhajis are missing." She got terribly angry then. She came outside the kitchen with a broomstick, shouting at me, "Hey Badava, How dare you ate all those Bhajis whichever I kept for the Dad."

I quickly got up from the bed and ran away hastily from the house.