Oracle Concepts

Every word we read from a book is mapped into an image or an already known object by our brain. The brain tries to relate every new object to an already stored/known information in it. Finally, the individual who reads a new subject understands it by relating the main subject logically to another existing structure and virtually builds an image for that technical information for better remembrance. This page is reserved exclusively for techy guys and upcoming scientists. Every student has his/her own way of understanding a subject. In this page let us share our own logical image for the subjects we learned and learning. This will help the new students who wish to understand and memorize that particular subject.

Let me share with you, about my own mind mapping towards oracle architecture.

Oracle uses RDBMS concept to administer a database. Its database structure constitutes an instance and datafiles. The datafiles are the physical structures where data are stored. An instance is a collection of background processes and memory structures. The instance helps in controlling the database i.e., to startup/open the database or to shutdown/close the database. The instance cant work without the help of background processes and memory structures. Some of the background processes are process monitor(pmon), session monitor (smon), check point (ckpt), log writer (log), database writer (dbw) , archiver (arc) processes. The memory structures are the Shared global area (SGA) and Program global area (PGA). I have mapped this structure to that of earth, nature and human beings as shown in the figure below.

Oracle Database Architecture

Understanding the architecture is an essential requirement for administering the oracle database. As I am a DBA, I will continue with the chapters about oracle database administration in the days to come.