The Complaint

The Complaint - Saptha

One day when I was traveling to my home town in the intercity express, I happened to meet a stranger sitting beside me in that train. She was actually talking to a person nearby.

She was talking continuously without any break or without giving any chance for her opponent to speak. When I tried to overhear the conversation, I came to know that she was complaining about some one in her life. She said, “How can I be responsible for his loss. I did nothing other than pointing him the deadlines and watching his activities.” I was eager to know what she was complaining about.

When I intervened in her talk, I became aware that she was complaining about her husband. She said that her husband always blames her for any of his failures, be it a business loss or just an unfortunate happening in his day to day activities. For example, when her husband met with an accident while traveling on the road, she was the person to blame, after returning home. When his boss scolds him at the office, then also, she is the one to bear the responsibility for his failure.

It seemed that she is not happy with her husband. I suggested her to get divorce from her husband.

She was shocked when I said this. She said “it is my duty to live with him, love him and make him to mature and evolve in his life. I can’t just leave him like that. I am his personal diary. I know, I should not complain about my husband like this, but I also have some emotions, right? I need to pour them out to relax myself”.

She is not an ordinary lady, I believed. I became eager to know more about her, but her destination reached and she was getting prepared to get down from the train. I asked “May I know your name and contact no. please? Is there any chance for us to meet again? I like to know more about you.”

For all my questions she just gave a one line answer and left the train. I am sure you too will be amazed when I tell you what her answer was.

She said......

“I am the Time and you are my husband”.