The Twin Sisters

(This is taken from my blog posted onTuesday, April 25, 2006)

The following are real statistics only.

The Europeans are constructing the Transatlantic tunnel -

A magnetically levitated train could theorectically take you from New York to London in 54 minutes. But you'd have to go 5000 mph through a 3100-mile-long tunnel that was itself floating in the Atlantic ocean.

A quarter of the Netherlands’ land area lies below sea level. The water table is controlled artificially. The Netherlands’ many bridges, dykes, windmills and pumping stations give it a unique appearance and illustrate its long struggle against the sea.The Dutch are proud of their conquest of water.

Japan made the world's first international airport on the sea -

"Kansai International Airport". It was built on a man-made island on the sea, about five kilometers off the coast of Senshu in Osaka Bay.

These are some of the developments or achievements made/being made by the human being.

One day my roommates were talking about this series of events as described by the Discovery channel. As I was hearing these stories with open mouthed, I soon entered my dream world where I started dreaming about how the earth and other planets feel about the human being in particular.

Then came this blog which is a funny imagination of "Viewing the human and his actions in Earth's perspective".

The words given in brackets tell the analogy of that imagination in the real world.

Venus, the twin sister of earth, meets Earth

Venus:I am ashamed of telling others that you are my twin sister

Earth:Why,... what happened?

V:You are growing ugly nowadays...

E:What to do for that. The problem is my dandruff(Human beings) which is responsible for my hair fall(Deforestation)

V:You know people hate to come near to you. Your body creates a foul smell.

E:[in a sad tone...] Oh, the dandruff is drinking my energy(water, oil and natural gas) and releasing one black coloured gas(Carbonmonoxide) and that is the reason for that.

V:Didn't u take any steps for controlling that?

E:I have used many shampoos like Katrina, Tsunami, etc but their rate of reproduction is very high and they are immune also.

Now our Mom(Sun) is very much bothered about me(Global warming).She is thinking of how to cure this.

I am in search of any Comet or some other external bodies to be applied on my surface so that i can keep them in check.

V:I think you are almost gone and the virus seems to be very intelligent and immune to your activities.

The Earth starts weeping....

Now back to the real world...

Seems that the develpoment in science and technology or the evolution of mankind is directly proportional to the exploitation of the nature earth. Is there no other alternative?