The Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity

This story was an entry in the Common Wealth Short Story Competition 2010

Ah, I can see the things now. Just I came back after revisiting my previous world for a short span of time. You know, I used to revisit it often because I believe it is from there I came. That world was the darkest to the core. I could neither see, nor enjoy anything. But here things are more clearly visible. Every substance is unique and different in its own way. This world is more interesting than the previous. I don’t know why it took so much time for me to come to this world. Anyways, now once again I find myself in this new world lying on an elevated, soft surface.

Wow, there is the attractive substance dangling from the top. I like to grab it and swallow right away. When I wished to grab it last time, I couldn’t; No sooner did I act than something came in and out of my nostrils at a faster rate; I don’t know what it was; all I can say is that it was different and it made the attractive substance a painstaking thing to reach. So I was forced to lose it. But let me attempt to grab it this time.

While I explain you, I raised one of my hands and could only hardly touch the attractive substance; I tried lifting my body but in vain. I heaved a deep sigh. Now I feel something wants to move out from beneath my tummy. It is pinching me; I have to release it to make myself free.

Oh, it seems I overcame one problem just to face another problem. Initially I felt relaxed when I allowed the pincher to take action on own. But the relaxation is short lived. I feel my legs and my back got chilled now. Yuck!

Adding to my dismay I discover this is a more alarming situation than I thought. The surface where I am lying is neither moving nor making any sound. Sometimes in the past, I remember, this surface used to move to and fro. The motion used to soothe me and make me happy though not always.

I don’t feel secured right now. I need those bigger substances that can move and also make different sounds at the same time. By the way, I know to make only one sound. Those bigger substances call me as ‘Baby’ and my sound as ‘Cry’. Let me do it to grab the attention of those bigger substances. I hope they understand all my problems and come to my rescue as early as possible.

In my previous world, I could see no substance, couldn’t move at all, I enjoyed nothing; on the positive side I had no painstaking business, no yucky feeling on my legs and back, no feeling of insecurity. Simply, I had no feelings in my old world. On the contrary, in this new world, I can see and enjoy the attractive substance but unable to reach it without the pain. I can relax by releasing the pinching substance beneath my tummy but soon it gives me a yucky feeling. I love the present world to the same extent as I hate it. It seems pleasure and pain goes hand in hand here. They are inseparable duals.

As such, the new world and the old world are inseparable duals too? I don’t know. The bigger substances have rescued me now and I wish to go back to my previous world again for a short span of time. Let me reserve this question for my next visit to this new world. See You.