One may wonder why there is a section with this name "Power" and what is its intention. Well, in physics, power is the rate at which work is performed or energy is converted. A man's power defines his success. But how to get more power so as to perform more work and achieve our goals. Where is the source of power? Swami Vivekananda said, "All power is within you; you can do anything and everything."

Yes, he is absolutely correct. After reading Swami Vivekananda, we naturally get energized and enlightened. We realize that all power is within us. But it is only after reading him, we get to know the truth. So we can conclude that all that needed to identify and realize the power, is a trigger,a spark, an initiator, or a stimulus.

Below are a certain illustrations to understand this better:

Human mind is a wonder (work) shop which can create wonders. It is also a tricky substance to understand. One cannot expect when it can create miracles and when it is simply dormant. The exact situation persists for Raj. He is a good thinker or "ideator". I searched in the web and found that there exists no word called ideator. "Why not, I can coin the word", I thought to myself. Okay, from now on, the term ideator is imbibed into our English

language which means that "a person with more creative ideas flowing out of his mind instantly". Here continues the story of Raj. Raj is an ideator. There is no time when he is not thinking about something. Most of the time he is found sitting thinking alone or day dreaming. He enters his world of dreaming instantly and comes up with an idea about some new thing or action. Then all of a sudden he felt that he became devoid of thoughts. It seemed to him that he can’t generate any more ideas. He didn’t expect a sudden speed breaker to his thoughts. He felt distracted from his meditation. His mind is not relaxed. There are two main conditions for the mind to be an active generator of ideas. The first thing is that it should be perfectly stable or relaxed amidst many distractions or worries. The second thing is that a stimulant or an inducer should be present in order to provoke new thoughts. The major stimulants are the nature like rivers, mountains, hill stations, sea shore, forests, etc. That is why most of the poets or writers are traveling to a less crowded place filled with natural serenity to bring their marvelous creations to this world.

The nature is the source of power for human mind.

Similarly, the mantras too act as a source of power. How? As per the Hindu vedic philosophy, the mantras or the slokas recited by a group of saints together has a certain vibration attached to their sounds produced. Those vibrations act as the healing power for the mind's worries and creates a positive energy into the surrounding space.

Let us explore more about them in this section.