2) How to play the Flute

Lesson # 2: How to blow using the flute and how to play the swaras:

Before playing the swaras one should attempt to make sound using the Blow hole in the Flute. Simply hold the flute using your right hand and keep the flute near the mouth such that the blow hole is just beneath your lower lips. Of course, the sound will not come in the first attempt itself.One need to practise blowing and alter the position of the blow hole slightly up/down and try to make the sound. Always blow the air in a slanting direction (top to bottom) and not in the horizontal direction to the mouth. Once you are comfortable in making the sound with the flute you can go further with the fingering to make different swaras of the music. Normally if you are practising atleast 1 hour regularly you can get the sound within a week maximum. I have depicted in the picture below how to play each of the seven swaras. First, hold the flute as described in the lesson #1 then close the holes with the respective fingers and then try the blow to hear the swaras.