The Fate

The Fate - Saptha

Fate is a series defined by a chain of Instant decisions made by every individual of a network of people and their impacts affecting every other individual of that network in making their decisions. Fate and Life coexists in nature.

Let us see a story to prove this fact. X and Y were working in a IT company. One fine morning, their boss Z got an important assignment to be finished within that day. The boss decided to share the work among X and Y. X arrived to the office and the boss was waiting for Y also to arrive. Y took an instant decision to go to the office a bit late since he had no work pending for that day. Now the time was moving on and Z thought that he should not wait for Y anymore and he assigned the whole work to X itself. X worked till the evening. Some more work remained incomplete. He had the option of working from home. But X took an instant decision to remain in the office till he finished his task. Everybody left for the day while X was still working in the office. Night arrived and finally after completing the whole job X packed his things to the bus stop nearby his office. Now we shall just stop the story of X here and look at some other unrelated individuals of this network, P and Q.

P and Q were road side thieves who at an unknown stage of their life, took over the job of looting the travelers, as their profession. On that night, P and Q who were riding on an old model bike were looking out for a lonely traveler. On seeing X who was walking on a no man’s land, towards the bus stop, they made an instant decision to loot Mr. X for that night. X being lean or not so well built was an added advantage for the robbers.

They accomplished their job successfully and vanished from that place hastily.

After that incident there is no wonder about X’s immediate need to develop muscles and to be physically very strong and gigantic.

One can confirm that the Fate is not random, rather it follows a sequence. If one does minute observations he / she can control the ill effects of the fate for the immediate short span of time.