To my Parents, Venkateswaran and Sarada, for their support, trust and the writing genes they descended upon me.

To my friend and colleague Girish Nanawate who mentored me right from the beginning of this work, pitching in with valuable suggestions regarding the style of writing and encouraging me all the time.

To my friends Santhakumar Vaduganathan, Aravind Kamath and my brother Krishna Kumar who gave me diversified feedback and helped me in developing the work further; without them I feel this work would have been incomplete.

To my colleague, my big brothers, Kiran Hegde & Senthil Kumar and my managers Ajay Sharma, Raman Prabhakaran who were very helpful with their tips and advices. Actually during my initial days at Cisco, my managers were the first to recognize and encourage my writing talent which made me take this skill seriously.

To Sunil K Poolani, Swarup Nanda, Gangadhar Menon, Arathi Menon, Mishta Roy and other team members of ‘Frog Books’ for making this book a reality.

To all my close friends who are the real inspiration behind the characters of this story.

To my sweetheart Krithika and my son, my master, Naren – everything is for you. THANK YOU!