Miracle at Shridi

Miracle at Shridi

Author: Mrs. Vani Swaminathan

Miracles do happen in one's life. They are pleasant surprises that the receiver wouldn't know how it happened. He believes in his favorite God or Almighty. Recently one such miracle happened in Mrs. Vani Swaminathan's life. She is a teacher at a private school in Bangalore. She shares her experience with us. Below is the narration in her own words.

This is real I myself have experienced. Take little time to go through.

Recently I went along with my Sister in law's family to Shridi. We went by bus overnight and we reached there on a fine weekend morning. We booked Sai Sannidhi Lodge and after freshening ourselves we went to see Baba. We had good darshan. From there, we went to Sanisinanapur to see Lord Sai. On the way we saw lot of guavas being sold by road side vendors. I felt like buying. But after seeing the cost, I thought that this is not worth buying.

We reached Sani singanapur and finished our pooja & returned to Baba Mandir to see the Arathi. From 10.30 pm to 11.00 pm we had good darshan and returned to the lodge by 11.15 pm and took rest. While coming also the guavas tempted me, but still my mind was not agreeing to buy the same.

The next morning again we went to Mandir to have one more darshan. Since it was crowded we got darshan only after one hour but still we were happy. While coming I thought of buying guavas by looking at a person who was selling seven guavas for Rs.30/-. I was happy and took the seven guavas and packed in a cover. While packing I saw one was rotten; I told him to give another one. He gave me another one. From here we went to have food after shopping, then we went to the lodge to check out. My sister in law told me why don't we wash and take the guavas so that we can eat it when we are travelling towards Bangalore. I agreed. I took the cover and washed and kept the seven guavas in a bag. To my surprise my sister in law exclaimed, "hey!!! , there is one more." So the numbers is eight now. I told her when I exchanged the seventh one by mistake he would have put one more. "May be his mistake..." I thought and washed the eighth one also and kept it in the bag and started packing our dresses. In the meantime my sister in law screamed again, "Hey Vaani!, here you see two more guavas." I was astronished. Then I opened my bag and counted them twice; she is correct. I saw only eight and this is the additional two. Is it not a miracle? I can say this is only Baba's blessing.

When I was hesistating to buy guavas by paying more, Baba told me not to buy. When I purchased seven HE made it 10. Really I could not believe this incidence.

This is true experience. Believe it or not. Thinking this incidence, still I am not able to trust my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What God plays like this also???????????????????

Even in the bus we were talking the same matter; neither me nor my Sister in law could digest. We ate the sweet guavas, Baba's prasadam and reached home safely by the next morning.

Such a wonder Baba does for an ordinary person like me. Really Baba is Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!