Stories are nothing but the gates to the world of imagination where awaits characters of different age and dynamic culture. They express and reflect various emotions as that of the readers.

Through the stories, some fictitious characters even leave a lasting memoir on the reader's mind that later causes a bonding relationship between the two. Welcome to the page exclusively dedicated to the fiction. At the left side bar, you can see the titles. Click to read them and enjoy ! A good message for the wanna-be and reputed writers, towards the beginning of Aug 2012, a website was rolled out exclusively for the story writers who want to see their stories online, interact with other writers, and share their creations - Its called "Magic Author". is where writers can leverage the social network to build their brand, write stories, blogs, articles in any Indian language, find and connect with other writers, mutually help each other and get benefited from each other.Its a content management website integrated with social networking capabilities. Visit to know more.

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