Insufficient Holidays

Insufficient Holidays - Saptha

“The leave days are not enough.” Rakesh used to feel the same way every time he was in the end of any vacation. Then even after spending as ample as eight days vacation, he felt they were insufficient still. His friends commented that he could better marry a rich girl and settle as a house husband so that he could spend his life time in vacation itself. He smiled at their words.

At the last day of his vacation he rewound what were all accomplished in the past eight days. He told his manager that he was going to Chennai to get his eyes tested and to undergo a LASIK treatment so that he could free himself from his spex for he strictly believed that the use of his spex was the main reason for his dull looks. He told “Ajay, I feel my eyes are irritated by the continuous sight of laptop screen and I wanted to test my eyes. So I need a week off from the office work.” His long hours of work and commitment for the company made his manager Ajay not to have any second thought over accepting his leave request.

He then called up his friend in Chennai to get an appointment with the eye specialist. His friend promised to get that done with in two days. Unfortunately Rakesh had had to fail in his plans for the LASIK treatment when he heard back from his friend that the doctor went home on vacation and would return back only after eight days.

“What had happened for the doctor? Why he went on vacation right at this time when I wanted to see him?“ Rakesh asked himself in discontent.


Two days back at the hospital:

The eye specialist called his junior Doctors on a meeting.

“Folks, I called you all to inform u that I need to go home for a week and you need to take care completely. Malathi, you have confirmed that there are no major operations in the coming week, right?”

“Yes Doctor, I verified completely, there are no appointments or operations this week. Also even if any new appointment comes we will postpone it to a date after the date of your return”

“Thank you, Malathi”

“Please don’t mention, Sir. After all you are spending all your energy and time for this hospital and you have got just one week time to spend with ur daughter. We are all very proud to work under you for your pure service mindedness and we surely take care of this hospital in your absence”

“Thanks for the compliment, Folks”


While in the lunch time...

“I am afraid the vacation may not be sufficient for our chief doctor” commented Dr. Roshan with his colleagues.

“Why are you feeling like that?” asked Malathi, chewing the food.

“He was saying that his plan was to find a suitable groom for his daughter. He looks forward for a software professional as his son in law and would be traveling to Bangalore to search the soul mate for his daughter.”

“A software professional?” cried Malathi.

“Perhaps, his daughter wished to marry an IT guy working in Bangalore.” Roshan replied.

“What the girl is doing?”

“She finished her graduation and just passes the time in her hometown, not going for any job. Had she a software professional, she would have found a life partner herself. But since she is just staying at home and not going outside for any job, her father had to do search an alliance for her”

“That girl is so lucky to have born for a rich man, our chief doctor. There is no need for her to go to a job. Now getting married to an IT guy and leading the life as a house wife is indeed a good option for her.” Judged Malathi


The chief doctor met his old pal Ajay who was then the manager in the IT Company in Bangalore. As you expected, he was exactly the very same manager of Rakesh. The chief doctor told his desire to Ajay and requested him to help him.

Rakesh’s image got flashed in Ajay’s mind. As far as Ajay knows, Rakesh was a nice chap, a hard working and committed person faithfully undertakes any responsibility assigned to him. Ajay suggested his name to the chief doctor.

“Shall I meet that guy tomorrow?” the chief doctor asked in excitement.

“Nope, he just went to Chennai on a vacation and will be back only after a week” Ajay replied.

“What had happened for Rakesh? Why he went on vacation right at this time when I wanted to see him?“ The chief doctor questioned himself in discontent, in the same manner as Rakesh.


Naturally, the leave days are not enough, both for the Chief Doctor and the Software Professional. Both would be waiting for each other’s arrival probably by extending their vacation for few more days but do you feel it would be of useful to them?